Top 10 Tassel Earrings for Summer that match with Any Dress

Top 10 Tassel Earrings for Summer that match with Any Dress

Tassel earrings are a new fashion in women’s accessories. Because they are adjusting with any colors or shape of outfits and match with any kind of trendy style. Here, we are going to describe some trendy tassel earrings for summer and year-round. You can find a verity of styles in this type of earrings that gives you a great influence to decorate and wear with fashionable outfits.

You’ll also know the way to match this popular earring style to your all outfits, including what earring length will fit with which type of dress and hairstyle, etc.

White Long Tassel Earrings

Long Tassel Earrings
Long Beautiful Tassel Earring is a perfect match for summer time.

Everyone loves white color. Because it’s a symbol of peace. White accessories are wearable with any kind of outfits to add simplicity and style. We have got some beautiful long tassel earrings in a variety of colors. This kind of accessories will give you a trendy vintage, retro style, or completely modern feel, depending on your outfits. Just think about a pair of silky tassel earrings with colorful outfits including a Kelly-green head wrap, a bright velvet tops, and a wonderful resin sunglass with white and rainbow stripe pattern, it will be a perfect match.

Red Four Tiered Thread Tassel Earrings

BaubleStar Red Tassel Earrings
Red Tassel Earrings are gorgeous to look and feel

Red and pink are a gorgeous color combination for street styles. It will be a top color combination for this year. But if you want to wear this color for tassel Earrings you should avoid wearing too much hot and dark color. Red tassel earrings will look perfect with soft pink, yellow, off-white outfits. If you wear sleeveless summer tops, then try to wear long tassel earrings.

Heavy Chandelier Tassel Earrings

A Women wearing a Chandelier Earrings
A Women wearing a Chandelier Earrings

If your face shape is long, then try to wear heavy tassel earrings to give a balanced look. You can wear colorful tassel earrings with a simple outfit or simple heavy Chandelier Earrings with a gorgeous outfit. It will give you a balanced look within a few minutes.

Black Tassel Earrings

Black 🖤 Dangle Drop Tassel Earrings
Black 🖤 Dangle Drop Tassel Earrings

It’s perfect for a trendy top with architectural sleeves. Try to wear fluffy black tassel earrings with a metallic stud base. It just gives you a formal and outstanding look. When you wear long or rounded tops, shorter earrings are a great way to bring balance in accessories and visual look.

Green Tassel Earrings

It’s so easy being green, with these cute, vibrantly green tassel earrings. We love how they add a fun pop of color to a sophisticated all-black outfit, as pictured here on this street style star. Pairing long earrings with short hair is also a winning combination.

Whatever your outfit is, you can easily wear a green vibrant tassel earring to bring a greenish fresh look. If you choose light color outfits or all-black sophisticated outfits a pair of silky green tassel earrings just suited with it. If you have short hair, try to wear long earrings, because it looks gorgeous and beautiful.

Bright Blue Tassel Earrings

Bright blue cobalt earrings will bring fun and eighties-inspired radiant look to your outfit. You can easily match it with your sunglasses pairing almost any kind of outfits. Trust me it looks gorgeous. Bright, long and silky earrings are just a perfect match for long, shiny hair. But always remember to choose opposite colors from your hair color to stand out.

Purple Tassel Earrings

If you want a cute long tassel earring with beautiful color and decorative base, these purple earrings are just a great match. If you want verity in your accessories, you can shop tassel earrings that are furnished with beautifully detailed elements at the top or bottom part. To bring a trendy business look you can wear your earrings with a tidy outfit. It will give you a fresh look with any type of outfit, even if you’re conservatively wearing the dress for your office. Red Beaded Tassel Earrings

A pretty, rosy-red earring with floral accents, long red tassel, fabric beads, and gold filigree you can wear a Red beaded Tassel Earrings. You can easily wear these colorful attractive earrings with a basic outfit or add color to simple looks. These trendy stunners can be wearable with any kind of outfits including black t-shirts to jeans or pantsuit this summer.

Yellow Tassel Earrings

If you wear sunny yellow accessories, it just brings a bright look and grabs attention to your upper body, when you likely bring a balance for the outfit. Sunny yellow or lemon color in tassel earrings are just a cute addition for your casual outfits that you can easily wear in concert and music festival to bring a cheerful look.

Black and Gold Tassel Earrings

It a game-changer look, try to wear Black earrings with a gold stud sequined ring. It’s really a winning style combination if you have lighter hair colors. Because it’s much more visible than ordinary colors. If you have black hairs try to wear dusty purple, sky blue, pink or white tassel earrings instead of black, because it is worth to catch the eyes just underneath of your neck and shoulder line. Trendy black tassel earrings with a gold sequined center ring are almost perfect for any bright day or outfits.

These are some examples of Tassel Earrings for Summer that you can wear with any outfits or occasions. But tassel earrings are especially good for bohemian dress and beach style outfits. When you have fewer clothes, the hairy tassels can make you look gorgeous. If you need helps to choose the right tassel earrings to feel free to contact us. We will help you to find a gorgeous pair of earrings for your next outing. Thanks for your time to read!

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