Cinnamutt Roll Crunch – Festive 5oz Dog Treats for Christmas




Delight your pup this holiday season with Cinnamutt Roll Crunch, the perfect dog treats for Christmas. A festive, tasty 5oz snack they’ll love! Buy it now!

In this holiday season, our tradition includes baking a variety of festive cookies to enjoy and share with loved ones. We’ve noticed that cinnamon and vanilla are favorite flavors in many delightful recipes. It’s also a heartwarming ritual to set aside some of these homemade cookies for a special visitor on Christmas Eve! Introducing our special holiday treat, the Festive CinnaMutt Roll Crunch, available in a charming 5-ounce pack ideal for gifting. These treats are perfect for the hardworking, cheerful helpers of the festive season. Don’t forget to add them to your furry friend’s stocking! This is our way of helping pet lovers express their holiday affection for their beloved four-legged family members with delicious, celebratory snacks!

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