Oral Fast-Acting Flea Treatment for Cats 2-25 lbs – 6 Doses





**CAPSTAR (nitenpyram) Fast-Acting Flea Treatment Tablets for Dogs and Cats**


Experience rapid flea relief with CAPSTAR (nitenpyram), the swift and effective flea treatment for your dogs and cats. Starting to kill fleas in just 30 minutes, this oral tablet provides a fast solution to your pet’s discomfort caused by fleas. Suitable for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens that are at least 4 weeks old and weigh 2 pounds or more, CAPSTAR ensures your furry friends stay happy and healthy.

**Key Features:**

– Begins killing fleas in 30 minutes.
– Eliminates 90% of adult fleas within 4 hours for dogs and 6 hours for cats.
– Safe for puppies and kittens aged 4 weeks and older, weighing 2 pounds or more.
– Available in two dosages: 11.4 mg for cats and small dogs (2-25 pounds), and 57 mg for larger dogs (25.1-125 pounds).
– Easy to Feed: You can feed your cat directly or mixed with food.
– Compatible with other medications, including heartworm preventatives and deworming treatments.
– Offers immediate relief from current flea infestations and can be given daily for re-infestations.

**Administration and Safety:**

Administering CAPSTAR is straightforward – simply place the tablet in your pet’s mouth or mix it with their food. It’s safe to use alongside many other treatments, making it a versatile addition to your pet care regimen. Recommended for re-infestations, CAPSTAR can be given up to once per day to maintain flea control.

**Why CAPSTAR?**

CAPSTAR stands out for its rapid action and ease of use, making it an essential item for pet owners dealing with flea infestations. Whether as a standalone treatment or in combination with other flea control measures, CAPSTAR offers the immediate relief your pet needs and the peace of mind you deserve.

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